10 Benefits Alms in Islam For Life

Hand over hand is better than below. Piece call it reminds us how important it is to give. If we belong to someone who is able to have a position, which is pretty much treasure. So in case we need to give charity. Giving some of our wealth to those who really need.
sedekahPerintah benefits Alms in Islam
Benefits embraced Islam many recognize the concept of social ordering his people to help each other-helping humanity is goodness. The concept of charity, sacrifices, and one of them is a religious charity, which in addition to strengthen the relationship with God but also with his fellow man.
This charity commands contained in the word of God in the Quran, surah An Nissa paragraph 114:
“There is no good in most of their secret talk, except from the promptings of people who sent (men) charity, or do good or make peace among men. And those who do so, seeking the pleasure of Allah, then we will give him a great reward “.
Alms is not just about giving some wealth for the needy, but the wider benefits of alms will be felt in people who do this as follows:
1. Strengthen the faith
Worship is a means which means a dedication made by a servant to his Lord. Charity in religion is one of orders for Muslims. Charity with the intention of worship for God’s sake, it will foster a sense of our faith to God. It is like a sacrificial benefits are taught to share in the happiness of Eid al-Adha.
2. Improving social empathy
The concept of charity in its essence is to give what we got good imateriil mapun material for people who are more in need. Behavior charity requires something that can be given and also who is given. For those who give alms solely for relief to the people who helped to train our empathy towards others.
Another thing that can be done to foster a sense of empathy is in the benefit of sociology in kahidupan.
3. Avoid value materialism
Especially for charity makes it a treasure we must dare to reduce what we got for the good of others. It is good that we do not become a crazy person is not willing treasure treasure given freely to others.
The trait is a plant value of materialism that would make us think only of worldly happiness. Hence the need for a habit that keeps us from the values ​​of materialism, and with the benefit of alms is one of them.
4. Gratitude to God
Benefits alms helped remind us that what we got was a pleasure that can not be separated from God permit. It is a form of gratitude it is necessary to divide the pleasure that we have to others who are less fortunate.
In Islam gratitude is also contained in paragraph benefits chairs in the Holy Koran.
5. Practice positive thinking
For people who give alms willingly there would be no worries for him. Benefits positive about this charity, would make him think that what he has done that it will provide long-term benefits. So that the Javanese language, he would not feel “Eman” and it would assume there would be a good thing to be received by him when doing a favor to the charity.
6. Avoid the nature miser
It is one of the vices that need to be avoided. As God’s creatures and also social beings, we should not be arrogant to assume that what is in the can is because of his efforts alone.
Please know our fate, whether good or bad must be bound by the intervention of God and it is possible there is interference affecting others. Therefore, the charity benefit will remind us not to have a miserly nature.
7. Increase the body immunity
Interestingly, the charity no effects on our health. In contrast to the benefits of fruits or vegetables commonly consumed, according to research conducted by Prof. David M Clelland. He found that by doing something positive for others as alms will boost the immune system.
8. The longevity
This benefit is not less interesting, the charity will make us more longevity. This was reinforced by the opinion of Dr. Stephen Post, in his book mentions that generosity is quite healthy and can lengthen our lifespan.
There is also research conducted by Stephanie Brown in the year came from the University. The study involved participants of the elderly, the study found that seniors who likes to charity have a lower risk for vulnerable die within the next 5 years compared with seniors who never give charity.
Mempuk generous soul also taught the benefits of charity as a compulsory worship in Islam.
9. Have a fitter body
It was at the James House said in his study he concluded that by helping others wholeheartedly will improve fitness and increase life expectancy.
10. Got a feeling of happiness
With charity will bring happiness. It was in the Elozabeth Duun said in his research, he found that by spending wealth in the way of kindness to help others will encourage the production of hormones of happiness in our brains.